Welcome to Linhtimates! My name is Linh & I am born & raised right here in Dallas, Texas! My ultimate goal is to cultivate a brand that has more meaning behind the clothes. My vision is to provide the clarity in each woman to find her self-confidence & embrace her stunning body. Each piece Linhtimates has is meant to promote body positivity! We are the sisters, the mothers, the aunts, & what our body can go through is simply AMAZING!  

Fashion has always been a dream of mines to pursue, & my small business doesn't just stop here. Linhtimates plans to help within the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas community & to spread women empowerment! The mission of Linhtimates is to help the community in the fight against poverty, donating to charities that support our women & children, & to stop the stigma of what women should look like! 

Join me in this journey & let stick together to create an environment all women can thrive in! Be a #Linhdoll :) 


Linh Quach
CEO Linhtimates